Tuesday, October 2, 2007

another youniverse

Law & Order SVU, Avatar and Alternate Youniverse

I just caught part of the Law & Order SVU episode called Avatar, that centered on a virtual reality called Alternate Youniverse, I believe, they referred to it as AY most of the time and I thought I heard the female lead call it Another Youniverse, but, I’ve been wrong before. The similarities to Second Life were all over the place, they referred to it as AY, like we refer to Second Life as SL, the avatars were pretty similar, they could create, control, buy, and sell, just like in Second Life, although, I don’t recall seeing many inworld clips to see how the avatars moved around, etc. They had a video from the kidnapped girl in AY talking about her stalker and fearing for her life, guess what she did in AY? She ran a prostitution ring/strip club, and had virtual customers from around the world.

What I saw of the show was pretty good, it didn’t seem to make fun of the AY members, at least that I saw, which was a plus, although, the residents they did show weren’t cream of the crop, but, what can you expect on a show called Special Victims Unit? They are bound to be dirt bags and people that lean in that direction. The show wasn’t spectacular, but it was interesting.

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