Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why Mp3?

People are asking me - "Why did you choose mp3 area?"

Everything is simple. Because:

  • Its much easier to get low-frequency (LF) traffic from google than high-frequency (HF) .
  • Casual mp3 store contains: 25000 artists, 100000 albums, 1000000 tracks.
  • Names of artists, albums and tracks are keywords themselves and in combination with keywords like: buy, mp3, download you have straight away about 5 million different LF and MF keywords.
  • Thats why competition in this area at google is not big at all and anybody can take a piece of this market! Following this information the rest you can guess yourself.
The most usefull keywords are:
  • "artist_name + mp3 + download"
  • "buy + artist_name + mp3""

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